Benefits of an Employee Volunteer Program

Offer teambuilding opportunities for employees

Employees who volunteer together experience problem solving, collaboration, networking and socializing outside of their work environment. 

Increase employee engagement

Engaged employees are committed to their work, have a positive attitude and are more productive. They are more profitable, more customer focused and more likely to stay. Employee volunteer programs engage employees.

Retain employees

Employee engagement is directly linked to employee retention. Employee retention is directly linked to the "bottom line". 

Promote a culture of customer service and caring

Employees who volunteer for causes in their community are inspired to provide better service and care in their professions.

Improve reputation in community

Community members are aware of which businesses are giving back to the community and are more likely to use them. Utilize this effective way to differentiate from the competition.

Attract socially conscious employees

Many prospective employees consider a company's commitment to the community when making a job decision. Participation in workplace volunteering makes for proud, loyal, satisfied employees.